Wersells Bike Shop Your Toes Will See The Light
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Your Toes Will See The Light

Wersells Bike Shop Your Toes Will See The Light

What the heck are we talking about now…I thought this was a bike shop!

Yep this is from Wersell’s Bike Shop…

My name is Brett and you may or may not have met me yet at Wersell’s, but not so long ago I still had that stubborn “spare tire” that was hanging around and I just couldn’t get rid of it!

I know you’re laughing but i’m in my 40’s and my belly was overhanging the belt line quite a bit and I couldn’t see my toes. It was very frustrating!

I was thinking to myself what I could do to lose my 6 pack cover and finally see my toes, but still have an occasional beer 😉

You see, I weighed about 260lbs and my goal was to get under 200lbs. The last time I weighed under 200lbs was in 6th grade…really, I was the fat kid who ate the whole cake.

More in a minute…

The other day a customer came in (let’s call him George ) looking for a bike to get in shape, increase his mobility, feel better and possibly lose a little weight. His journey sounded exactly like mine…minus eating a whole cake! We continued our conversation in between test riding some bikes and laughed about our struggles to lose our stubborn weight.

George and I both reached plateaus with weight, strength and the aches and pains of age were creeping in. We both struggled finding a starting point that would work.

George knew a healthy lifestyle was tough, but it’s the first step he and many people ponder, but get so overwhelmed and never start…we both got it! I explained a bike is a great way to get out, lose weight and get mobile.

Most of us at the bike shop commute to work, the grocery store and ride every day…it’s an easy way to begin living a healthy lifestyle. George liked this idea and after I explained I started that way and soon began to see my toes and feel better…he was hooked.

Back to me…

I have long since devoured an entire cake but riding my bike everywhere certainly shed the pounds, but I needed more than just riding my bike to reach my goal.

I didn’t want to go to the big gyms or mass fitness facilities. I finally decided to ride over to Renegade Fitness talk to Christopher and find out what I could do to hit the 200lb mark.

It was simple…he recommended to try out their small group workouts and see if Renegade Fitness was a fit. This was what I needed…no commitment and no social hour gyms! I dropped my cholesterol, my blood pressure is below normal, and my strength and endurance have increased so I could complete 80 mile rides.

Now 40 lbs lighter I can say that yes I see all my toes!

Now all I have to do is start practicing Yoga so I can reach them 😉 Not many people think about it, but adding Yoga will significantly improve posture, breathing and help clear your mind so you can stay focused and alert

Yoga for Cyclists is here…keep reading!

The story continues…living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important decisions you can make. We are not giving any health or fitness advice but simply providing some recommendations for our community.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

Wersell’s whole idea is to create a long term healthy and active lifestyle for everyone. We know you love to ride bikes but we also know that we can offer more to you.


We are excited to announce a special partnership with Renegade Fitness in Sylvania and Presence Yoga in Toledo. We have setup specific offers for our community from both Christopher & Jenn at Renegade Fitness and Nicole at Presence Yoga.

Let me introduce both Renegade Fitness and Presence Yoga…

Renegade Fitness Wersells Bike Shop

Check out all the programs they offer through this linkclick here . Also as a special bonus for being one of our readers you can mention this email to receive 25% off of your first month of any of their training services.

PResence Yoga Wersells Bike Shop

Presence Yoga and Wersell’s Bike and Ski Shop come together for yoga specifically geared for the cyclist! Whether biking is your form of play, main mode of transportation, or you’re a serious cyclist training for competition, Yoga for Cyclists has something for you. In addition to practicing yoga poses that counter the aches and pains of repetitive movement, we’ll also address-

  • Pre-ride and post-ride yoga sequences
  • Riding posture and alignment
  • Breathing practices
  • Focus and concentration

Join us for this special class series and see what yoga can do for you! No yoga experience necessary.Click Here for class info

Christopher & Jenn –

Renegade Fitness Our Story
We wanted to be more than just a gym! Over the years working as personal trainers in traditional big box gyms, we became increasingly underwhelmed by the service being provided to gym members. People we trained would admit to feeling intimidated by other members, unwelcome by the staff, and unmotivated to get to the gym. On top of all this, they felt lost and alone on days they weren’t working with a trainer and would end up skipping workouts because of it. We saw poor quality workouts created by trainers who didn’t care whether or not their clients got results. Nobody seemed to want to be there. Working out felt more like a chore than a fun, feel-good experience.
We knew we needed to change this. We set out to create a space where working out is actually fun! We wanted your gym to be a place you couldn’t wait to come back to!
We wanted to create a community where everybody wants you to be there. Where when you walk in the door, the staff and other members greet you by name – not because they looked it up on the computer – but because they actually know you and care about you.
We dreamed of creating an environment where your gym is comfortable and inviting. Where after each workout you feel empowered and excited by the progress you are making. A place where lifestyle changes happen naturally because of the community of like-minded individuals on the same journey.
We sought to break the trend that we saw in the personal training industry, where trainers worked for a paycheck rather than for their client’s success.
We were determined to improve the quality of personal training in our area by constantly pursuing the most up to date, effective training methods and providing the highest level of training and instruction. We wanted you to have a roadmap – an individualized plan of action in order to take the guesswork out of working out. We wanted to give you all of our knowledge and all of our experience in order to get you the results you are looking for!”

Her Story
Rev. Nicole is the yoga instructor and Ordained Interfaith Minister at Presence Yoga. She began taking yoga classes in 2002 and became a student of yoga in 2003. Since that time, she has experienced such strength and happiness that she felt called to help others experience their own divine gifts. Nicole earned her 200 hour teaching certification from TRY4Life School in Cleveland, Ohio and began teaching hatha yoga in 2008.Rev. Nicole creates a yoga session that begins with a centering activity, followed by gentle warm-ups to heat the body. The sequence then progresses to holding traditional yoga poses (asanas). Finally, Nicole guides students through a cooling period to calm the body and prepare for a guided relaxation (savasana), which ends the yoga class. The environment is one that fosters acceptance, comfort, stress reduction, and relaxation. Nicole uses soft lighting and music to compliment her voice as she carries students through the yoga session.Rev. Nicole became an Ordained Interfaith Minister after studying at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, NY. For two years, Nicole studied the world’s religions, learning from pre-eminent teachers of the field. One Spirit holds Rev. Nicole’s Assignment of Ministry.Nicole also holds a Master of Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, both from Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.

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